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The company is a human capital management solution for companies with more than 50 employees. You can learn many things, this solution includes human resource management, benefits, salary, talent management, compliance, time and labor management and benchmarking and analysis.

The ease of the integrated suite builds on a single database, which automates data synchronization across components and helps users minimize administrative tasks manually and the Platform also integrates with other HR & business applications through ADP Marketplace and APIs.

Like the widely used ADP Mobile app, to access paychecks, W-2s, timecards, profits and other information; proactive compliance and regulatory warnings; an external perspective in making HR and business decisions with the help of ADP Benchmarking, ADP Research Institute and ADP Professional Services; and access to client communities with more than 50,000 peers.

You can try this program, it will help in your work, besides, ADP also give more comfort for you.

Usability and optimization

Workforce ADP Now accessible on smartphones and tablets. Vendors offer mobile apps for Android and iOS that are fully synced with the web-based dashboard. It gives you full statistical visibility and reports, and lets you manage your HR anytime and anywhere.

Payroll and tax filing made easy

You can minimize administrative tasks and errors with real-time salary calculations. Plus, it’s possible to take advantage of adherence assistance to get more peace of mind.

Manage your human resources

You can go beyond administration and compliance and focus on the recruitment, involvement, detention, and promotion of your employees.

This program coordinates your workforce management on a single dashboard. This app is completely transparent and helps you manage your salary, benefits, bonuses, commissions, time and attendance, employee health statistics, and talent management.

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